Noha is a genre of Arabic, Persian, or Urdu prose depicting the martyrdom of the Holy Imams. Strictly speaking noha is the sub-parts of Marsia. Nohas are usually poetry expressing the sorrow felt by Shia Muslims for their Holy Imam’s. People who recite Noha are known as Noha Khuwan.

1. Murtaza Nagri Vol 2015

2. Saleem Raza Nagri Vol 2015

Abbas E Dilawar (shina) noha by Saleem RAZA

ABBAS E Dilawar Yaad Aalo (Shina)SALEEM RAZA NAGRI

2. Asim Ali Asim (Dasta-e-Imamia) Shina Noha

* Syed Wasooq Shah Nohay

* Shina Marsiya خوبصورت شینا مرثیہ

Shina Best Noha Zeshan Haider

4.Murtaza Nagri

5. Saleem Raza Nagri Vol 2014

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